Tool ratings

The range of tools allow access to information of differing levels of complexity. Each tool is rated according to the complexity of the information provided and the level of climate science knowledge needed to fully understand the information and how best to use it. This is shown by the complexity icon displayed on each tool. The three ratings are described below:

Basic Rating Icon

This is an entry-level tool requiring no prior understanding of climate projections science. However, a general familiarity with weather and climate terminology will assist understanding. This type of information can be found in the climate campus as well as on the Bureau of Meteorology's website.

Intermediate Rating Icon

Intermediate tools are designed for users with a good fundamental understanding of climate and weather and some understanding of climate science. To get the maximum value from these tools, users are strongly encouraged to complete the online training .

Advanced Rating Icon

Advanced tools are designed for users with a good understanding of climate science, particularly climate projections science. In particular, a working knowledge of the Climate Futures Framework and the 'key cases' approach to impact assessment is assumed. Much of this information is available from the climate campus and online training . To make the most of Advanced tools however, face-to-face training is recommended.