Frequently asked questions

Q. What is Climate Change in Australia?

A. Climate Change in Australia (or CCIA) is a comprehensive website and suite of reports providing information about climate change projections for Australia. This body of work updates the previous CCIA research published in 2007.

Q. How was Climate Change in Australia funded?

A. This scientific assessment and new research has been funded by the Australian Government Department of the Environment, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. The work has benefited from a high degree of cooperation between these agencies and the project stakeholders.

Q. How will climate change affect my region?

A. Extensive regional analysis has been conducted to investigate how climate change affects different regions of Australia (called 'clusters'). On this site you can find Cluster Brochures and Reports that provide detail of regional climate change projections. You can also view maps of  regional projections using the Map Explorer tool or scan key messages using the Regional Climate Change Explorer .

Q. Which cluster am I in?

Check the Cluster Search Tool found here .

Q. How do I access climate projections data?

A. Climate projections data is available to registered users of this website. To register go to the My Account page (within the Projections and Data area) and follow the instructions.

Q. How do I cite the website and its resources?

A. Information on citing the website and associated publications can be found on the Referencing CCIA page.

Q. How can I learn more about climate change science?

A. A good starting point to understand more about climate change science as well as how climate projections are developed is the Climate Campus . From there you will be pointed to other information resources that are useful for further information.

Q. How were the models for which application-ready data is available selected?

A. Data from eight climate models is available in the application ready format - read more about this here .

Q. How do I use NETCDF files in the ARCGIS program?

A. Follow the steps on downloading and using climate data described here .

Q. Can I use images and graphs found on this site?

A. Yes. You just need to cite CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology as the source for the figure, along with the year 2015. Figures, charts and maps published in the Technical Report can be found here .

Q. I want to access the NRM regionalisation schemes shapefiles

Access NRM Super-cluster, Cluster or Sub-Cluster shapefiles here .

Q. The website is appearing incorrectly in my browser, what should I do?

A. The website is optimised for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and IE10+. If you do not have the latest versions of these browsers please update. If you require further assistance with viewing the website you can contact us .