Climate Change in Australia

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States/Territories Climate Statements

Climate change projections of Australia’s future climate are delivered at a national level through this Climate Change in Australia website. In addition, many States and Territories have also produced their own regional climate change projections, often through State government departments in conjunction with research organisations. The state-based projections are provided at a higher resolution than the national projections and provide local-scale information which may better represent regional climate. While the methodologies for producing the national and state-based projections differ, the resulting information about the changing climate is broadly consistent, with some regional differences.

The following State Climate Statements provide a summary of key changes to past and future climates for each State and Territory. The statements are largely based on national projections data provided through the Climate Change in Australia website, and on past observational data from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. Projections are focused on mid-century (2040-2059) relative to 1986-2005 (unless otherwise stated), in line with baselines used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessment Report (IPCC AR5). Projections are based on a high emissions scenario (RCP8.5), and averages refer to the average of projected changes.

Links to relevant State-based projections are also provided, along with a list of appropriate further reading.

Thanks to the members of the Cross-Jurisdictional Community of Practice for Climate Science for their on-going engagement and review of these statements.

Page last updated 16th March 2021