Climate Change in Australia

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Case Studies

Case Studies


The ESCI project team, in partnership with electricity sector representatives, explored a series of case study assessments aimed at understanding how projected changes to climate may present a risk to electricity sector reliability or resilience of infrastructure. These case studies, which assisted in developing a sector targeted climate risk assessment framework, provide exemplars of how to use the ESCI tools and data.1

The case studies provide instructive examples of how to use the relevant climate information to explore different hazards. Each case study has a short summary available online, and most have a longer technical report attached which describes the risk assessment process in more detail.

Every location, business and asset combination is different. These case studies are intended as demonstrations for conducting a risk assessment and using ESCI tools, not as an assessment of system risk, nor to provide information for use in operational decision-making.

The ESCI team would like to acknowledge the considerable contribution of the sector representatives who participated in the case studies and thank them for their time and expertise.


1 Please also see the Disclaimer and Licence Terms