Climate Change in Australia

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A range of products are available for download, including the Technical Report and Regional Reports and Brochures

A range of publications, figures, maps and multimedia are available for download and/or viewing.

Climate change information provided in these publications is presented on a regional basis. The regionalisation is based on eight ‘clusters’ of Natural Resource Management (NRM) regions. The Technical Report presents a comprehensive assessment of past and future climate change in Australia. It provides the underpinning science for all the other products.

The separate Cluster Reports each contain a description of the relevant biophysical and climatological features in each cluster. Readers primarily interested in regional climate change projections and less interested in the technical details surrounding their production should consult the Cluster Reports and Brochures .

In addition to the printed reports and brochures, a range of resources can be downloaded. These include PowerPoint presentations and videos as well as individual figures and maps from the Technical Report.

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Page updated 20th December 2020