Climate Change in Australia

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Brochures and Posters

Regional trend pamphlets

We have produced a series of nine pamphlets to help decision-makers interpret climate trends data at the NRM region scale. There is a guidance pamphlet along with a trend pamphlet for each of the eight NRM Clusters.

More information and download the pamphlets.

Climate change projections are provided for eight regions of Australia

Climate change projections are provided for eight regions of Australia

Australia's Changing Climate

Australia's Changing Climate is a high-level brochure summarising many aspects of climate change in Australia, including past variability and change, projections, impacts, mitigation and adaptation. A useful starting point before delving into more detailed information.

Drawing on the wealth of understanding underpinning the 2015 region-based projections, this brochure gives the ‘whole of Australia’ perspective. The brochure is designed to be easy to read, with extensive use of illustrations and figures to convey the information.

Australia's Changing Climate (3.9 MB)

Cluster Brochures

Cluster Brochures provide key regional messages for everyone

A set of brochures that summarise key climate change projections for each of the eight clusters. The brochures are a useful tool for community engagement.

Download individual Cluster Brochures as PDF files

Central Slopes (2.9 MB)

East Coast (4.1 MB)

Monsoonal North (3.9 MB)

Murray Basin (4.0 MB)

Rangelands (3.5 MB)

Southern Slopes (3.3 MB)

Southern & South Western Flatlands (3.8 MB)

Wet Tropics (3.8 MB)

data delivery brochure

The Data Delivery Brochure is designed to assist people undertaking climate impact assessments.

This brochure describes the data sources, and their strengths and limitations, and outlines all of the data products available for download on this website.

Data delivery brochure (6.2 MB)

Cities brochure

This brochure contains projection information about selected cities from across Australia. This includes the major capitals and major regional centres. All NRM clusters are represented in this brochure.

The results found herein are based on average results for the cluster or sub-cluster in which the cities are located.

Selected cities brochure (2.1 MB)


The poster found here summarises climate change projections for four large regions of Australia (or super-clusters );

• Northern Australia
• Eastern Australia
• Southern Australia
• Rangelands

NRM climate projections poster (2.0 MB)

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