Climate Change in Australia

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How has the climate been changing in my region up until now?

I'm interested in a commentary on past trends in the Australian climate .

I'd like to see past trends in the climate in my region.

Where can I find regional summary climate projection information?

In which region am I located?

I'd like a summary of the climate projections for my region

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What will the climate in my town be like in the future? Is there a current ?

I'd like to see a map showing an example of projected changes.

How are extreme temperatures going to change in my region?

I'd like to know about coastal and marine projected changes for my region.

I'm interested in adaptation planning.

What can I do to adapt to the changing climate?

  1. Information on impacts, adaptation and vulnerability
  2. Information for Australia
  3. Local adaptation research projects with national and regional focus

I'd like some help with communicating the projections for my region to other people.

I'd like access to some helpful resources .

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How do I cite the information I get from this website?